FP2 Mic not working... it's not a mic problem!

My FP2 mic doesn’t work anymore. So, as it’s not possible to buy a new one, I’ve bought a FP2 without battery and case on ebay.
Changed the bottom module, cleaned with alchool and… still nobody can hear me when I talk.
I’ve limited access to the ebay FP2, because it’s protected by pin (I’ll write about this in another topic), but I’ve mounted my mic, my sim, called my number and the old mic it’s working!
So, it’s not a bottom module problem, but something else.
I share this to ask for help and suggestion.
I will keep you updated.

An update… I can use the phone only if on speaker. The mics are not working.

What you describe seems to suggest there is a problem with the primary microphone (that is in the bottom module), but that the secondary microphone (in the top module) works. However, you should use Settings > (System > )Maintenance > Checkup to make sure.

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Yes, you’re right. The internal checkup gave this result. The fact that using the phone on speaker was working misled me; maybe talking on speaker means that the phone uses both the mics, primary and secondary?
I was a little unlucky because also the “ebay” fairphone may have the same problem. I wasn’t able to do the checkup on the ebay phone because is pin locked.

Yes, that should be the case.

Regarding the ebay FP2, have you tried doing a factory reset? You don’t need to be able to fully boot the phone for this. Hold (for a long time!) the POWER button and the VOLUME UP button simultaneously until a simple menu appears. It should offer you the option to do a factory reset as well. Hopefully this should delete all personal settings and data including a PIN lock.

You can also “transplant” the three small modules manually with a Phillips #0 screwdriver if you want to test them all (in your “old” FP2).


I’ve done the factory reset, but Google then ask me to use the account already linked to the phone. The original owner, I suppose. She is not reachable by mail or Facebook or LinkedIn, and the seller doesn’t know her, so I think I will give back the phone.
I tried to swap only the bottom modules, but no good results. I can receive calls on the eBay phone. The mics are not working in all the combinations.
Now I am asking to the fairphone support. As the bottom modules are sold out, I was thinking to buy an used FP2, but unlikely I have found one that perhaps has the same problem of mine.

If you have done the factory reset through Settings > System when the FP2 was powered on, I would still recommend to do it the way I described, too.

I have followed the first procedure, the combo power and volume up :frowning:

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