FP2: Limit background data not possible anymore

Hey everyone,
I have been using my FP2 since August 2016, and for some apps, I have often used the option to limit the background data.
However, now the option is gone. It is not inactive, but just… gone!
It usually was at the app-specific settings in the “Data usage” panel.
Did it get moved somewhere else?
Thanks :slight_smile:

FP2@17.11.2 software

Hi taurui,

I can’t reproduce your issue, the setting for restricting background data is there. See attached screenshot.

Could you post one from your options menu?
FP2 @ Fairphone OS 17.11.2

See here…

Same for all apps :frowning:
Edit: Figured it out! When I deactivate Sim Card #2, the option is gone. When I enable it, it comes back again. Card #2 is not even my data sim, so I think this is not intended…


Does your restriction of background data actually work? If you restrict an app and switch the second SIM back on, is the background data still restricted?

Anyway, this is some weird stuff. If there’s a mod reading here: is it worth filing a bug report? How would one do this? Write to support?

Seems this was picked up before, but it doesn’t seem to have made it into the bugtracker - not sure why not, so it could worth filing a bug report via that route.


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