FP2 kills some SIM cards

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I’ve got my new SIM today, unfortunately again a CW/7. My colleague from our IT department tried to convince T-Mobile to get a T6, but they didn’t. :frowning:
Fortunately i hold back my old moto G2 as a backup.
@Douwe: please give an update if there will be a fix available soon! Otherwise i will need to sell my FP2 and end this experiment.

Are you requesting a SIM card in Austria?

The Austrian Fairphoners are cooperating with T-Mobile Austria. If you like I can contact them for you and insist on a proper replacement SIM. It’s unfair if they don’t give out working SIM cards for FP2s (given that they also sell them themselves!).

No, it is a german T-Mobile SIM card. And it is a corporate card, so i’m limited to the will of the colleagues from our IT department, to discuss with the Deutsche Telekom guys. In addition there are so many other annoing bugs and issues in the FP2 hardware and software. That situation could be acceptable if there would be infos/announcements/feedback/plans or anything from fairphone.
Thanks for the info anyway.


Yeah, unfortunately we do not have a commitment by Deutsche Telekom yet, to provide functional SIM cards…

I’ve got an answer from support which i want to share :slight_smile: :

The SIM card issue is indeed a known issue we are currently working on and that should be fixed for the next software update. Our software team already has the fix and is looking for the best way to distribute it.


So, I have got the same problem. Congstar and c/w3 in Germany. After 8 weeks, the SIM card was dead. I explained everything to congstar support, but I will only be sent a w3 again. I guess, I will have to move to another provider or use another phone.

This killed one of my SIM cards. The problem is not in the list of confirmed software issues https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207228996-Fairphone-2-software-issue-report and it doesn’t seem that 1.3.6 fixed it, either. So how can I know if / when this is fixed?

The update that @tkos referred to above is the one after 1.3.6. That’s all we know (i.e. nobody knows when it will be released).

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Thanks. However, strictly speaking this has not even been recognized as a bug. If find that confusing.

That is correct, the official bug list is very small, i don’t like that too. But we have the bug list here in the community forum and at least a hopefull feedback from support now for this bug, which i had posted above. It seems that things are getting better now :wink:

Quite frankly it would be much easier to track bugs with a bug tracker and see their status…

We are getting off topic here…
I aggree, but no company would do that, no company could do that. Think about all the users with no understanding for technology or sw developement, they would not buy it…maybe i also would have wait to buy. You could not make business and sell phones if there is an open available list of all bugs and development status. I guess that is only possible in completly open source projects, with nothing to buy or sell…or for a closed group of customers.
But a bit more transparency for FP2 owners would be great, yes :slight_smile:


Apparently today is the day (1.4.2 was just released), and there should be improvements:


Fantastic - i just installed it. But before I risk inserting my 3rd brand new Telekom SIM, can anyone confirm it works? Until then it sits in a borrowed Motorola… :frowning:

Not yet, ask me again in 3 weeks if it is still working.
I’m using my new C/W7 Telekom SIM for 3 days now with 1.4.2, before that i was using it 3 days with 1.3.6 (in the time between it was in my old Motorola).
I’m believing in the fix, but that is just my personal opinion :wink:

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Can someone confirm that the bug fixed in 1.4.2 is actually the bug that kills the SIM cards? It is not clear to me whether or not this should be the case. The release notes only use vague terms and do not say that the bug actually killed SIM cards. If the problem is not even considered fixed, it does not make a lot of sense to do any experiments to see whether the fix was successful or not.

It has been clarified somewhere in the beta test forum, that this sentence refers to this very bug.


so how’s it going tkos ? still working? :wink:

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Yes, still working well, no SIM or network issues so far :slight_smile:

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