FP2 keeps crashing

My phone worked fine until I installed the beta-version in August (wanted to play Pokemon go and have Android 7)
That’s when the phone started crashing
I then moved to Lineage 16, but the phone is still crashing.


  • phone crashes when I use “bigger” apps like games
    • Homescapes - usually crashes after the first moves
    • Pokemon Go - I can seldom play longer than 30 secs
    • USM Point & Click Adventures - same as Pogo
  • Phoning - when someone calles me, usually it crashes and I have to call back.
  • other apps sometimes just freeze (even Firefox)
  • I also often get these artefacts that go away when the screen is updated.

Sometimes I can just abort the app, sometimes the phone restarts on its own.

What I’ve tried

  • different OS (Android 7, Lineage 16 nightly)
  • WiFi on and off
  • Removed SIM
  • Removed SD-Card
  • When in save mode the phone doesn’t crash, but I then don’t have bigger apps running

Anyone has an idea what else I can do?

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did you try Experimental OpenGL ES with Nougat (Android 7) for Pokémon Go? You can enable it in the developers settings: Go to Settings -> About phone Click on Build number 7 times. Go back to Settings and then to Developer options . Enable Experimental OpenGL ES 3.0.

But it’s currently unavailable on encrypted phones.


I tried both switching that option on and off when I was using Android 7, but that didn’t help.
Right now I use LineageOS. Tried the only option that sounded like that (force 4x MSAA) - made no difference.

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