FP2: issue with a brand new microphone


the microphone (the normal one, which is in use when the loudspeaker is OFF) was broken on my FP2 hence I replaced the bottom module. It mostly works now, but a lot of people I have on the phone complain that they barely hear me, and most of the time I really have to speak very close to my phone to make the conversation possible. No need to precise that this is not related to a weak network pb.

Is there some hidden config to fiddle in order to get that solved? Or is it a hardware problem still?

In case this is relevant: my case is the new, solid one.

Thanks for your help.


anyone to help? Actually, my issue is very similar to what many people describe in this old, closed thread: FP2: speech quality: peer callers often do not understand me properly
I do hear peer callers but they barely hear me. This situation occurs in different locations and networks so I don’t think it’s related to a temporarily weak signal.
In my case, using a headset with external microphone does not help much (difficult to quantify, but, according to my peer callers, it’s almost as bad as before).

I feel extremely frustrated right now: I got this phone a few months ago from someone else and, at this opportunity, I changed the bottom module, screen module and battery (which were all broken). Since then, I could never really have smooth phone conversations.
At some point I wonder also if the LTE antenna are not defective (the signal strength is often bad), but this piece is basically not offered for replacement.

Out of solutions, I now start thinking of buying a new phone (probably not a FP3!) to again being able to simply call, but this is even more polluting than if I had bought a new phone some months ago instead of resurrecting this one (not even talking about the money spent for nothing).

Any further idea? Thanks for your help.

Hi eniav,
I am currently experiencing the same problem. I can perfectly here my peer callers but, they cannot hear me well or even not at all. I don’t know if it helps you but, for me this problems goes also with very fluctuating network connection on my phone, although I don’t move from my desk, and my neighbour got a perfect connection on the same network provider. Also I experience lost calls without ringing. Then I eventually get an sms 10min later saying I missed a call.

I found a thread on this forum hinting it could come from a problem with the antenna connection to the circuit. See here : FP2 dropping calls
I hope it helps !

Good luck !

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