FP2 is locked mute after latest update

Since yesterday after running the FP updater I can’t exit mute mode. Only alarm is working, no other sound.

Could you check the following:
Swipe from top to bottom
What do you see the left side in the middle of the screen?
Does it say:
‘Alarms only’ or 'Do not disturb?
If it says ‘Alarms only’ tap on it and you will have the sound back.

Go to Settings, Sound & notification. Check the volume of the Media volume and the Ring volume.


That used to work before the update but doe
s no more since then. Any other ideas?

Does your volume button work? Remove the case and see if any dust is blocking the volume button.

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Yes. I can increase the volume. If I do so, it then asks if I wish to end the silent mode, but the FP does not react to confirming to ebd silent mode.

Could you check at Settings, Sound & notification, Do not disturb, automatic rules?
Perhaps there’s something no right.


Maybe you have this problem?

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Thanks Volker. I created a dummy rule and that did the job! Your help is mich appreciated! FP back to normal.

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