FP2 is back - it charges again after download

Hello everybody,

as I read some of you have the same problem that I had. After I did the 1.8.1 update my FP2s USB connector was dead!!!
It didnt charge any longer and there was no data transfer possible… So Fairphone asked me if I can do a factory reset. I was not amused, so I didnt for about 2 weeks. I charged it external and I felt, that the battery was empty really quick…
Today I opened the updater app by mistake, and I saw the 1.8.1 FULL VERSION… Which was not as a up date shown to me by the normal symbol. I did the update, not sure if it will helf anything, but what shall I say: it charges AGAIN!!!

I am so glad, that I didnt do the factory reset… So try it out, maybe the data transfer and the crashed during the day will be fixed as well…
And I also think the battery is as strong as it was before…

Good luck to everybody!!!


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In such cases: Manual reflash via fastboot without erasing userdata - the best choise.

With fastboot you can repair almost all Firmware-related problems on the FP2.


That sounds good. Why didnt the service team gave me that advice???
And how do I do a reflash via fastboot?

Thanks buddy

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Hi. fastboot commands are described here:

This is the most interesting part:
4. Flash the binary images from a computer

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