FP2 is always rebooting by itself and since the latest android update freezes every 2 minutes

I have my FP2 since february. I always had problems with freezings or constant and unwanted reboots. I am really not a technical person and I thought, well, I can cope with this. Since the last Android Update, the phone freezes really quickly (after about 2 minutes). Even a hard reboot doesn’t work. The screen turns on but freezes on the “Fairphone” (with a black background).
If I remove the battery, it does work again. For 2 minutes.
What kind I do? Throw it thourgh the window?

Do you mean a hard reset (which erases all your data)?
I’d also try to reinstall the OS, as something may have gone wrong during the update.

If after hard reset and OS reinstall the phone still reboots every 2 minutes that’s definitely reason to contact support.

when you hold the volume button and the shut down button for a couple of seconds together, the phone reboots. Is it a hard reset?

No, this is a hard reset. If you try it don’t forget to make a backup first.

I can’t, my phone freezes too quick and my computer doesn’t recognize it anymore.

Ok, my FP2 is defo dead. Black screen and blinking red light.

So you can’t even get to recovery mode?

This simply means that your battery is drained fully. You’ll need to perform a battery reset as described in the #batteryguide.

I have the same problem.

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