FP2 in TWRP-Mode after Update

Hello everybody,

after an update my FP2 is in TWRP mode and I have no idea what to do.

I get the following message:
“Partition for path ‘/system’ not found
Full SELinux support is available”.

With “Restart” (Button) the FP2 lands again and again in the TWRP.
At “Install” I have to select the image file, but where is it?
With “Restore” no backups are displayed.

What can I do to avoid losing any data?

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I got the same message after the last update (this morning), but there was a feature at the bottom of the screen - I had to move a slider to the right side and then had to wait for quite a long time, then it did restart and everything now seems to be alright.


@AnotherElk: I was hoping to avoid the manual installation with some trick. Thank you for confirming that it doesn’t work. I did it in the meantime, mobile phone ready.

@Alois1: Unfortunately I didn’t have this option.

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