FP2: Headset mic gain/level very low

I know of the compatibility list and my headset (AIAIAI with cable) is not on this list.

The mic works gnerally but others tell me that I am very quiet (sometimes). I guess there is a problem with noise cancellation going on (the headset itself has no built-in noise-cancellation). At the same time others in the telephone conference are very loud and the volume button on the phone has no effect.

There must be a software solution.

One thing I noticed is, that it is very hard to plug in the headset cable. it looks like the plastic of the FP2-case is in the way. I am not sure if it has something to do with it. I have not tried using the phone without the backcover (the new ones). Edit: Does not seem to be a problem; retested with AKG Y40; see comments.

I have tried with a different headset (noname in-ear), and the problem seems to be random. But unfortunately this is hard too plug in, too. Today no one reported that I was too quiet.

This week I will get the AKG Y40 headset, I hope, that this will work.

I am now sure that all three headset are not the cause why I am not well understood on the other side. I have tested with “Sound Recorder” from F-Droid (not “Soundrecorder” which cannot be deactivated, unfortunatly) on my old phone and the FP2. All three headsets have better gain/level for the microphone on the old phone.

I don’t understand why microphone levels cannot be changed on Android. I will not root the phone to do that. This needs to be officially fixed. Please increase level for microphone or give possibility to adjust this without being root on the phone.

Edit: To be fair, so far I tested the AKG Y40 headset only with Sound Recorder, not during a telephone conference call. Next opportunity will be tomorrow.

I have the same problem. New FP2 with latest Android. All kind of microphones (built-in and any headset) are much too low so my telephone partners do not understand me. Same issue with soundrecorder.

Does anyone know how do increase gain of the mic?


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