FP2 got wet and display is not working: Replace or not?

my FP2 (one of the 17’000 firsts) got a load of water and a heavy push yesterday. Put it in rice for 24 hours. Works. It boots up, display has a slight error but won’t allow any touching response. so you can’t do anything with it. Could replacing the display module help?

Have you tried cleaning the screen contact pad and pins with appropriate electronic cleaners ? If still not working after, the best test would be to switch screens with the one of a Fairphone user close to you to see if it’s the screen or the core module.

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Especially necessary since you used rice, which is highly not recommended - see #waterwiki.

You might find helpful users near you here: #fairphoneangels

Oh and:

might not be enough to get rid of all the moist in the phone. It’s best to open it up and put it in silica or just let the modules dry in the air for a few days. Things could still change once it’s really dry.


its dissassembeled completely. And rice is better than nothing. I dont have anything other. I will use pure alcohol for cleaning as I don’t have anything other.

Should be suitable here, not leaving any traces.

No it really isn’t. “Nothing” will take a bit longer to dry the phone, but “nothing” can’t damage it.


You hear it everywhere that rice isn’t bad (depending which kind). I let it try for 3 days know. I got a contact spray and used it. Display won’t work. Probably damaged.

You hear everywhere that Trump makes America great again, that doesn’t make it true.
Also other phones are not modular, so there is less chance of rice dust to enter the phone.
Still I wouldn’t use it with any phone.

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Ok. Apart from making me miserable and miking my mind up for a new phone, what do you suggest? I’m thinking of either ordering a new display module or a new phone. Won’t be a fairphone though as the failed me.

Have you looked at the list of #fairphoneangels to see if there is one near you to check which part(s) is/are broken? It’s probably the display, but I’d still make sure before ordering a new one for 87€.

Yes, I have. No one close enough or willing to hand it over.

If you want to go that way then you might consider that offer:


OK, something to try: after my son’s smartphone remained under water for about an hour (backpack fell into a fountain without us seeing), I could bring it back from the land of the dead by patiently drying it up with a hair-blower at low heat for about 15 minutes, always checking for the temperature with my hands, avoiding overheating, and making sure that the air was getting into the tiniest of gaps. Evidently, it only worked because the water in the fountain was quite pure. If the water is soiled with the wrong kinds of minerals, they will deposit everywhere, and nothing will bring certain parts of the phone back once mineral deposits settle on the wrong places.

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At last it’s up to you what’s your next phone…but this statement sounds as if the phone failed without you taking any influence…but again, a water damage??


yes, this one was a water damage. Prior it it only crahed and kept freezing quite often.

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I dissambled it for 4 days now and it won’t work. Water was not pure as I can recall. Had soap in it .

F.y.i. lovely folks: got my new display and the phone does work normally :slight_smile: Except I’m waiting for the new update to Android 7.x


If you still have it try removing the metal shield near the contact pads and wash it with some pure alcohol. You can pry it out and wash the other side, too. This might be the issue, becaus it looks like, the ICs on there are for backlight, LCD drivers, and touch ICs. Also try to unplug the FPC connector and plugging it back in.


Won’t do that again. Maybe it broke when it fell down. Cleansing won’t work for the IC, doesn’t it?

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