FP2 - Good apps and bad apps - ideas?

In my few days on this forum, I have come across a few new apps. One in particular has been fantastic for FP2, and I have privacy concerns about another.

Can you recommend for or against any apps; keeping Fairphone in mind?

Good Apps

Doze - this has been fantastic for battery life on FP2. Without Doze, I barely got a half day of normal use, with Doze I think I’ll get a full day without top up charge.

Discourse - helpful for keeping an eye on threads in this forum

Bad Apps

Truecaller - I read here that this app was good at handling dual SIMs, so I’ve installed it. But, then I got a call from an unknown mobile number and Truecaller suggested the name and company of the person calling me. Looking into it, Truecaller seems to suck all contacts and phone book into it’s database, which is there shared with other users. It might not have happened in my case; the privacy policy (1.4) says it doesn’t take phone book details when it has been installed via Google Play, I need to research this more. I want my private contacts deleted if Truecaller has taken them.

Any other apps to stay away from?

I’d also add Dual Sim Selector to the GOOD apps list, very handy and reliable.

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