FP2 goes to coma instead of sleep

I’m on the most recent LineageOS and since the day before yesterday my screen stays black very often. The phone rings and notification sounds also work. This happens quite randomly. Sometimes it does not “come back” until I reboot it, sometimes it takes minutes (!) and then shows the lock screen. It seems like it’s mostly when I charge the phone.
Worst case is being called, not being able to answer the phone, having to reboot the phone and thus not even knowing who called. :skull_crossbones: :skull_crossbones: :skull_crossbones:

Sounds like a job for the Proximity Sensor calibration tool, which now is also available on LineageOS.
You can find it among the Apps, not in the settings, on my German locale here it is simply called “Kalibrierung”, with some consistency it should simply be “Calibration” in English.

Calibrated it before, calibrated it again, still happening :frowning2:

The #blackscreenguide suggests this is an issue with either:

  • the screen (try to #disassemble and clean the connectors)
  • the proximity sensor (you already ruled out)
  • or the permissions of the phone app (check this out)

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