FP2 getting extremely hot while downloading data

Hello everyone,

i have seen a few people mentioning, that their FP2 heats up during the loading process. I own my FP2 for about 2 months now and i can’t report any significant heat during the loading process. Nevertheless, whenever i receive any large data stream over mobile or WiFi network (e.g. watching videos on high resolution with the WebTube app) the area next to the camera module significantly heats up. Today i uptaed my OS to FP OS 1.3.6. After the downloading process the area next to the camera was too hot to touch at all with bare fingers. I suspect it to be significantly higher under the back cover. I can’t imagine that this is “normal” or “healthy” for the phone, but instead could decrease the life-span. Anyone else noticed something similar?

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That your FP2 gets hot is normal behaviour for certain scenarios:

  • if you are using higher CPU/GPU load (which is e.g. during video watching (especially HD) the case, where GPU and CPU has a lot to do)
  • also for heavy 3G-usage I noticed this, which can be pointed to the higher power consumption of the modem when in 3G mode (in comparison to 2G-mode = GPRS/EDGE which is much more power saver friendly).

But all in all I am also not satisfied with the “hottnes” of the FP2 while using it…which I claim to some bad programmed drivers/apps, which don’t alow to lower the load of the CPU although the do not need the power.

Therefore I normally limit my CPU speed to lower frequencies (with “SetCPU”), if I know, that it is not handled well by the app I am currently using. This is the case for me for: OSMAnd in navigation mode, Timber (music app) while screen is off, and also while downloading with firefox large amounts of data.

So bottom line:
it is normal that it gets hot (while watching HD-videos or installing FPOS-updates) and could be accounted to bad programmed apps/OS/drivers with unnaccassary high CPU/GPU load.


I have the same extrem hot phone while watching YouTube in HD. I even have to lower the quality to 760p otherwise the video ist stuttering and freezing Several Times.
I wonder if fairphone should make a case with water cooling Option? :wink:

The speed of the CPU is controlled by what is called a governor. It changes the CPU frequency to balance between speed and battery usage. (This is a feature of the Linux lying at the lower levels of Android)

The phone gets hot and your battery will drain, if it runs on high frequency for a long time.

You can use CPU control app (root required) to control this governor and, for example, lower the max frequency to avoid overheating and extend battery life, at the cost of a slower phone.

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Exactly. At my FP2 I am working in daily live with 1GHz instead of the 2.5 GHz available for all 4 cores with only a very slightly decrease in power, but subjectively high impact on battery life.

I am of course not satisfied with this, as FP1 had a lot better behaviour in terms of battery life time/power for daily life. I want to improve the FP2 settings, but have not much more ideas (than Governor/frequency) and not much time at the moment…and still waiting for some official words of FP team about battery life…

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I can confirm the issue. My FP2 gets quiet hot when downloading data. I can’t guess how bad this is or maybe isn’t at all, but my three previous devices did not reach such warmth.


I don’t have this issue. How long would one have to view a youtube hd video for the effect to occure?

I have the same issue, but especially when it’s on charge! I’m afraid it might explode at some point…

I have the same extrem hot phone while playing SimCity BuildIt (an 3D based game)

Do it on the charge when it’s about 50% Batterie and its getting very hot in 10-15 min. Greets

I believe this is a common issue for all kind of smartphones that pops up in the forums every now and then.
When used heavily during charge the battery heats up significantly. As far as I remember some of my previous smartphones (1x htc and 3x sony) had shown this behavior too.

Simply allow your phone (and youself) a little break while “eating”. Don’t feed it while it’s running a marathon (a nice comparison I read somewhere some time ago).


I worry about my FP2 getting hot as well, but it happens the most when I turn on gps, when using Maps.me and the gps is searching for satellites. Often it takes a while to find the location and in the meantime it gets very hot if it can’t find my location. The problem may be partly the Maps.me app though, if I tell the app to stop searching but I leave the gps on, often my location turns out to be found after all if I switch the app back on.

You got it right, but not “partly”. The app wants to calculate your location and has no data, thats the reason, why the cpu gets hot. I guess, you have set the location to “high accuracy”, so the calculating is more complcated with Wifi and GPS.


Hi all,
I just powered up my new FP2, unfortunatly got extreamly hot from the first moment.
At first instance I though it was due to initial charging of the battery and the use of wifi, but it doesn’t gets cold after charging and stoping wifi.
I’m worried and a little dissapointed.

Any oficial comunication about this issue?

Hi all again,
After my first day with FP2 I’m lets say less worried about hot temperature at the right of the camera.

But in my case I realized that only turning wifi on, it’ s enough to make phone get hot. Even without downloading files or watching videos.

I wonder if it could be any workarround.

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