FP2 gets 'melting' screen, then goes black, after update to A9

The update to Android9 went well, about 10 days ago, but since a day or so the screen sometimes freezes, sometimes it looks like the screen melts, and the (new) battery heats up.
I have to take out the battery in order to restart the phone. My phobe has now become unreliable. It is 2,5 yrs old.
What a pity…

It might be a coincidence and a contact problem of the screen. You might consider to try to clean the screen contacts.
When it freezes you can long press power button (>15s) to force restart the phone.


Thank you Volker. I did push the power button for a long time, several times, it did not work. I will try and clean the contacts (I suppose you mean where the battery is?). I never had this problem before.

No, once you open your phone and take the screen away, clean the contacts that are on the display module:


Thank you, I don’t know how to reach that part, I am very a-technical, I will try (the alternative is to buy another phone, I worry about a new FP3, because of the software issues).

You can check the iFixit guide about taking the display module apart:

Alternatively you could check this video until the screen is taken apart:


Thank you, that is what I was looking for!

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