FP2 freezes when using without screen lock

When I’m using my FP2 without any screensecurity the peace of mind shows. it disappears by itself after a second or so, sometimes making the screen go black with the exception that i can see the statusbar, wifi etc. when i try to press any softwarebutton nothing happens. the phone becomes impossible to use. I have to turn the screen on and off several times before i can see the my homescreen again.

Am I the only one?

What do you mean “the peace of mind shows”? Are you talking about the interactive clock on the lockscreen, which you shouldn’t see if you don’t use a screen lock?


I use my phone without any security lock. Sometimes when i reboot the phone the “clock” shows that u should slide upwards to unlock the phone, where it shows how long i have had my fairphone for. When i slide it upwards to unlock my phone the phone shows a black screen and only the top statusbar shows. I get the feeling that the slider doesnt unlock properly and somehow the phone is half locked.

Could it be some app that causes this problem? Do you remember installing an App around the time the problem first started?