FP2 FPOS10 can't install TWRP


I’m trying ton install TWRP on my FP2, after factory reset with FPOS10 installed.
I use the menu line “Apply update from ADB” from the recovery mode.
My device is well founded by ADB.

I run from the command line of my PC in “platform-tools” :

adb sideload twrp-3.6.0_9-0-FP2.img

The error message is always “footer is wrong”, “Signature verification failed”, “error: 21”.
I even tried with (wich I used before) or

When I reboot to bootloader, the phone stays on the “FAIRPHONE” screen, with blue light blinking slowly, but I can do nothing more at this point. I must do a hard stop.


You cannot use ADB to flash TWRP you have to use fastboot.

Have a look here


I knew I missed something simple. Thanks a lot !

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