FP2 for sale - under warranty - bought 25.03.2019

I’m selling a Fairphone 2 for 200€ plus postage, from Belgium.
Still under warranty, bought on 25.03.2019
Small injury at the bottom (see picture).
The core module has been replaced. I have the documents from the repair center.

Hi jcerise,
can you please place a picture with your fairphone turned on showing the date of today (the day you place the picture)
I read, it is typical behaviour here at the comunity, if someone sells a fairephone, because there are also thieves and fraudsters on the internet.

& is it still to buy? Do you send it to Austria?


Yes it is still to buy :wink:

I’m putting it on charge and then I will send you the picture!

I have no idea what the cost would be to send it to Austria, but if you pay the cost, it is not a problem for me.

I will come back to you asap with the pictures

Best regards



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