FP2 for sale - opened, unused


Hi all,

My wife bought this but was then given a work-phone before it arrived, meaning she’s never actually used it.

  • 18m remaining warranty.
  • Tested it to see if it was working when she received it, but is otherwise unused.
  • 450 EUR ono.
  • We’re based in Berlin. Can ship recorded delivery provided the cost isn’t crazy/somehow makes it uneconomical.
    Let me know if you’re interested! I can only seem to upload one pic, but the back is the ‘coral red’ cover.


what does ono mean? are there scratches on the Screen?


Hi Neko,

Ono means ‘or nearest offer’. There aren’t scratches on the screen. The plastic film that covers the screen when you buy it is still on it - that thing’s a little scratched, but then that’s the thing you peel off.

Kind regards




I’m interested in the phone, do you mind shipping to the UK?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Anne,

Sorry for the late reply! We had our housewarming party yesterday (we actually moved to Berlin from London). Yes shipping to the UK is fine. In fact - my wife is there on business on Monday, so potentially she could meet and give it to you then if that works? (Either monday evening or tuesday lunchtime otherwise we can just post it).



Hi Andy,

Np :slight_smile: I don’t know where your wife is on business trip on Monday, but I guess it’s more around London? I’m in Scotland. If she is here we can meet, otherwise it’s going to be tricky I’m afraid. Posting is fine then.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Anne,

Sorry about that. I obviously didn’t properly read your message! Shipping to Scotland is fine. I can do that by recorded delivery and give you the reference number for it etc. Are you on whatsapp? My number is +49177 9120392 - prob best to exchange address/bank info there as I see messages here all go onto the forum


Or you can use PM on this forum.
I even would advise to anonymize your phone number now.