FP2 for sale - 80€? (display module not working) - Brno Czechia

I would like to sell my FP2 (2016) - in one piece or for spare parts, because its display stoped working (sometimes its OK, sometimes just colourful dots, sometimes nothing).
Camera module was changed early on (AF was not working), but it is still the old type. Case was changed to Slim Indigo Blue (the original one fell appart, this one has some scratches on it) and recently the microphone module was exchanged (faulty part).
If my diagnostics is right, the problem should be just in the display module and other parts are reusable.
I was thinking it might be worth 80€ + postage (but I am open to offers) . If you are interested I will send you pictures.
I am located in Brno, Czech republic, but I am open to send through EU.

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