FP2: Fairphone OS 19.11.2 release

Installation went for me very smoothly.
Just the first boot after install lasted very long. Just after that, I got a notification to enable OpenGL ES3


The new update wasn’t added to https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/213290023-Fairphone-OS-downloads-for-Fairphone-2 yet fyi


I have gone through the update to 19.11.2, and here is what happens:
Download successful, APP says to restart to continue
I do so
Phone reboots to a “TeamWin” image, then NOTHING
I wait for 15 minutes, then open up phone, remove battery
replace battery
turn on, phone boots as though nothing happened.
My guess: the update was not properly tested.
two SIMS in the phone, plus 64gb sdisk.

PS - I have tried now 3 times. same each time.

I moved your posts here because your concerns are being discussed here already.

Worth a try when in TWRP …

A little more detail in between …

Apart from TWRP a manual install has helped people …


Rather, there are issues with the bundled TWRP version, that’s why it gets replaced with the Android stock recovery with this update (once it installs successfully) …


actually, hold the power button for 15 seconds didn’t do anything at all. That is why I had to remove the battery.

By the way - I get a “teamwin” screen - but no menu, and no reaction from any buttons.

You could try to boot TWRP without installing it and see whether that gives you the menu … see #twrpwoflashing.


The update went trough, I have some weird behavior (reboots, apps crashing) but the biggest issue is that it doesn’t boot in recovery. I’ll try to update again manually later.

Link to fp2-gms-19.11.2-manual.zip not there yet. Please provide as I can´t use OTA update.

A little bit of URL guessing sometimes works:


Thanks, download Ok, unzip -t Ok, md5sum of fp2-gms-19.11.2-manual.zip
9539f859d1ea446fafc6b93fc27e1327 hopefully also Ok :wink:

Just wondering : how did you guess the middle part of https://storage.googleapis.com/fairphone-updates/13484ddf-8791-4a7a-a876-641d5e8eb3ab/fp2-gms-19.11.2-manual.zip ? The other versions are different there.

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The zip file for the open->gms switch is part of the gms file set, and therefore has the same middle bit as the manual update for gms. The link to the switcher, however, gets published on the code site. I guess code.fairphone.com is updated by the devs, whilst the main site goes via web/support teams (and therefore can lag a bit).

Added: for anyone reading this in a hurry - don’t use files from fairphone open / code.fairphone.com for updates to regular fairphone OS.


Somewhat concerningly, it’s been a tad quiet on this thread. The bugtracker’s been quiet for the past three weeks, and I have not come across mentions of an upcoming beta.
My impression was that since the release of Android 7 the updates for the FP2 would come at 3 month intervals. That’s sparse, but with the FP3 being developed in parallel it kind of was to be expected. With most bugs sort of solved with Android 7 now, the main motivation for rolling updates is fixing security issues. Obvs they matter, but people don’t complain about them quite as much… so hereby, a bit of noise(!!!) Anyone knows whether there’s a security update on the way for February or the start of March?

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Which Google don’t seem to do anymore for Android 7 since November 2019, see
Boletines de actualización y seguridad de Android,Boletines de actualización y seguridad de Android,Boletines de actualización y seguridad de Android  |  Android Open Source Project .


Companies discontinuing support hasn’t stopped Fairphone before :wink: But thanks for posting that link, I was not aware of this. Still, it’s feasible and valuable to back-port relevant kernel fixes, as the kernel version is decoupled from the android version. Granted, updating a 3.4 kernel gets more and more tedious over time, but given it’s open-source software it can be done and all the helpful bits to this end are published on-line.


On a related note, is the FP2 vulnerable to the Kr00k WiFi vulnerability? If yes, I hope that FP2 will be able to release a corresponding patch.

“Kr00k – formally known as CVE-2019-15126 – is a vulnerability in Broadcom and Cypress Wi-Fi chips”

So I would assume the same which was true for BroadPwn …

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