FP2: Fairphone OS 19.02.1 release

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Since the last update, my phone randomly turns off when it’s charging. Does anyone else have this problem?


Hi all, what about more Updates on 7.x nougat Android for FP2, will we ever see them? Any newer updates, hotfixes, security updates et al? Or is FP2 now abandonware? :frowning:


Yes, there is an update in the making which should fix H264 playback & some other bugs, and provide security updates. It’s now being tested by the beta testers.


Just to dampen expectations a little bit: at least one person has reported a problem in the latest beta with H264 hw accelerated playback in combination with night light… which could result in reverting this particular change from the upcoming final release.

Update: seems they did push the fix through! \o/


The update to Fairphone Os 19.05.3 is released.

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