FP2: Fairphone Open 19.11.2 release

Just updated.
Downloaded and restarted update via app. Enabled 3D. Rebooted.
Installed twrp last release Rebooted into recovery.
Installed opengapps arm pico 7.1 and xposed-v89. Rebooted.

Google app crashed often so I refreshed from previous backup app+data (from Titanium backup). Reboot and it seems ok.
Now I’m check and granting authorization to the others apps…
But it seems ok.


everything worked for me :slight_smile:

Question to the 19.11.2 update: should I enable the enhanced 3D graphics support also if I never use any 3D games or similar with the phone? I am asking because battery life has more value for me and I am wondering if battery drainage is faster with 3D enabled.

Comment to this forum: I dont like the search function (ctrl+f) of this forum. For example, searching for “3d” yields the error “search string too short”. I would prefer the default ctrl+f behavior of the browser.


Press the combo two times :wink: .


I have problems since the last update 19.11.2. Cant install some apps (ie outlook for email) and other although I have cleaned up several apps to have more space. Also in the screen I cant see any longer the page of important tools, it remains just a line with the info on wifi, bluetooth plane mode and tools but cannot scroll and have the complete picture. And also , in the bottom, the square button does not serve any longer, normally We could see the apps that where open and also the circle does not work , before clicking we can see all apps now I cant.
Does some know if this has to dowith the latest up date???

Sounds like the issues described here FP2 2020 bug? Phone reboots

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