FP2: Fairphone Open 19.08.1 release

Fairphone Open 19.08.1 is now available. You can get it through the Updater.


Issues fixed since the previous Android 7 maintenance release (Fairphone Open 19.05.2).

  • Fix crash in settings when manually adding WiFi network
  • Fix typo in camera module info translations
  • Update Hiccup app: Fix filename to read power off reason from
  • Update Google platform tools (adb, fastboot) in manual installation archives
  • Update Chromium WebView to 75.0.3770.149
  • Update Firefox Klar to 8.0.15
  • 2019-08-01 security patch level
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—March 2019:
      CVE-2018-10883, CVE-2018-13917, CVE-2019-2003
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—April 2019:
      CVE-2017-17772, CVE-2018-11878, CVE-2018-11894, CVE-2018-11897,
      CVE-2018-11930, CVE-2018-11940, CVE-2018-11953, CVE-2019-2027,
      CVE-2019-2028, CVE-2019-2029, CVE-2019-2031, CVE-2019-2034,
      CVE-2019-2035, CVE-2019-2037, CVE-2019-2038, CVE-2019-2039
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—May 2019:
      CVE-2018-11955, CVE-2018-13901, CVE-2019-2043, CVE-2019-2044,
      CVE-2019-2045, CVE-2019-2046, CVE-2019-2047, CVE-2019-2051,
      CVE-2019-2052, CVE-2019-2053
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—June 2019:
      CVE-2019-2090, CVE-2019-2091, CVE-2019-2092, CVE-2019-2094,
      CVE-2019-2096, CVE-2019-2097, CVE-2019-2098, CVE-2019-2099,
      CVE-2019-2101, CVE-2019-2102, CVE-2019-2269, CVE-2019-2279
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—July 2019:
      CVE-2019-2105, CVE-2019-2106, CVE-2019-2107, CVE-2019-2109,
      CVE-2019-2116, CVE-2019-2117, CVE-2019-2276, CVE-2019-2305,
      CVE-2019-2307, CVE-2019-2308, CVE-2019-2326, CVE-2019-2328
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—August 2019:
      CVE-2019-2120, CVE-2019-2122, CVE-2019-2125, CVE-2019-2126,
      CVE-2019-2128, CVE-2019-2129, CVE-2019-2130, CVE-2019-2131,
      CVE-2019-2132, CVE-2019-2133, CVE-2019-2134, CVE-2019-2135,

Please report any (new) issues through the public bugtracker and upvote existing issues if you are affected. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.


Does this contain the fixes for QualPwn?


Update went smoothly again. But I got a strange thing on second (manual) reboot : I was not invited to unlock my SIM card with my code. Reboot again and it worked…

I will come back here if I observe this again.

Otherwise, everything looks to be fine!

Thanks for the update :wink:


The QualPwn vulnerabilities are part of the 2019-08-05 security patch level, whereas the 19.08.1 releases have a security patch level of 2019-08-01. The QualPwn patches were not available yet when the development window for the August releases closed, so we couldn’t investigate applicability to FP2 yet.


Smooth smooth smooth.
No issue so far.
Thanks for the update.


Smooth update here, despite need to reinstall all system mods. Thanks Fairphone!

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Hi !
Does any one have like me noticed battery drain and slow power charge after this update ? 50% faster to drain and 100% more to charge.

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Yes, it’s happening to my phone as well. And I notice that my phone is hotter.
I will try to redo the update.
Oeps, I forgot to reinstall Open Gapps.
I will try that first.

I love that the devs caught up to the security patch level, well done and thank you FP crew! :slight_smile:


Installing Open Gapps fails of the zip verification. But I don’t have the box with zip verification ticked in TWRP.
What should I do now?

If this is the same problem the bundled TWRP had since day one, then just install a recent TWRP from twrp.me and try again.

Thanks @AnotherElk. Now I can sleep.
I had also to format my sd-card and then I succeeded in installing Open Gapps.
Hopefully this will solve the battery drain and the temp of the CPU.

Edit 12 hours later: the battery drain is normal and the CPU temp also.


Thanks for sharing and pointing me in the right direction about open gapps.
Forgot I had to upgrade after a system update.


After the update my phone doesn’t connect with wifi anymore.
Wifi is checked. iPad still connects to it.
Did turn it off and on again. Wifi and phone
I saw a german comment on this forum with the same problem

Also some of my notifications settings are reset. WhatsApp for instance gave sound notifications although I have that always turned off.


Hi there,

Indeed, the issue #36 of the bugtracker regarding the lost of WiFi connectivity is still NOT RESOLVED 12 MONTHS AFTER the bug was registered on the tracker.

Like dozens of people in the comments of the tracker (more than 200 comments), I’m waiting patiently a fix for that problem. Everyday, well everytime I’m changing of WiFi zone, the connection is definitely lost after a while. That means several time during the day, you’re not connected anymore and you don’t even know it. The only workarounds are turning off/on plane mode or reboot the phone… which is really a pain in everyday use for a smartphone !

Please, Fairphone Developpers stop being silent about this really important issue !! One year without news of any fix !! This is not what users are expecting for a phone is supposed to be “built to last”.

Thanks for reading and hope to get a response here …


what a bad news, we still have to wait for solving #36. Why should I run the risk of an update, if the main issue #36 is not solved with the update?


Fairphone is intending to further ignore your and our whish to get a clear, detailed, technical statement. Even if they’d say “we cannot fix that”, would be better as to be in the state of NOT knowing what’s being done… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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After a successful update, I’m having an issue with Firefox Klar.

Initially Firefox Klar works fine. But after closing the app and trying to start
it again, eventually “Firefox Klar keeps stopping”.

Temporary fix: Settings > Apps > Firefox Klar > Storage: Clear Cache, Clear Data.
Same issue when closed and started again.

Workaround: leave Firefox Klar open.

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Which OpenGapps version is needed for this? I tried the latest 7.1 pico but it did not flash successfully, so i just flashed the older version from june, which flashed, but doesn’t work.
Do I need 7.2?

To my knowledge there is no 7.2

7.1 / pico / ARM is correct. What exactly means “did not flash correctly”?