FP2: Edges of screen unresponsive and list of app bugs


I’ve had my Fairphone for only a few months and I’m afraid I’m quite unsatisfied with it so far.

The worst thing that has gone wrong with it recently is that the edges of the screen have become unresponsive - first the right hand side went and then the left - meaning I can’t type certain letters and have to keep switching between portrait and landscape to type anything. Pressing ‘go’ on some apps like firefox and soundcloud is impossible because of where it’s located. Is there a software fix for this or does it mean replacing the screen?

But prior to this there have been a host of issues with various apps, none of them worth posting about on their own but I started keeping a note of all the little things that don’t work and overall they add up to quite an unsatisfactory product. Here’s the list of things I’ve observed so far:

Can’t switch on gesture typing
WhatsApp - ‘new message’ button doesn’t work
Facebook - won’t show Instagram pictures in feed when selected, won’t open youtube videos, won’t allow posting photos from phone on other people’s comments thread… and more.
Twitter - can’t switch between different user accounts. click on accounts, select different accounts and box minimises again without switching
National Rail - can’t change date/time on journey planner page
Train line - can’t input destination or departure time on any page
BBC weather - can’t add new locations
Runkeeper - ‘Go Running’ button doesn’t work, effectively making the app useless

This isn’t an exhaustive list, just the things I’ve managed to remember and write down. All in all I’m beginning to wish I’d just got another iphone :unamused:

PS the problem with the screen was preceded by occasional instances where the screen would freak out, like I was madly tapping on it and opening apps etc rapidly and randomly. In case that helps.

Sometimes reassembling the screen helps, sometimes it needs to be replaced. See the topic below for more info:

If you install Google keyboard (or some other keyboards) it should work, see here:

All the other ones sound like Privacy Impact issues. These should have been fixed in the 1.3.6 update, but if it doesn’t work re-enable Privacy impact notifications and try again. More details here:


I have the exact same issue (among a few others). It is twice as much fun for me as I constantly need to switch languages between English and French. They have recalled my phone because of the bright spot on my (2nd) screen and when I mentioned this they said they’ look into it as well…

Thanks, the privacy impact fix seems to have sorted out the app issues.

I didn’t want to enable google keyboard because of the warning about it collecting data that you type. Is there not a way of making it work without using google keyboard?

Academic at the moment anyway as I can’t type/swype when the edges of the screen don’t work! I’ve tried the paint test and changing settings and there is no change. Please can you tell me how to reassemble screen, or advise what I’d need to do about getting a replacement?


There are a couple of other keyboards available in the play store that are capable of it.
But the default keyboard app does not support the swype function.

For Fairphone support you will need to open a ticket.

There’s some tips and videos on how remove the screen in this topic:

It can be tricky at first. Fairphone prides itself on that they built the phone to be opened, but if you feel uncomfortable doing this, then don’t do it and contact support.

I’m not sure, but I believe FP may not consider it a warranty case if someone sent them a phone that was easily fixed by cleaning the contacts inside.
(I’m not saying that this is surely the case here, but chances are.)

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