FP2 dual SIM , losing 4g

Using lastest android for FP2.
4g enable SIM 1 EE uk
3g enable SIM 2 gift gaff UK

4g drops to 2g . Restart phone and shutdown , restart sometime s 4g back.
Factory reset phone , still no difference spoke to EE 3line support .all ok with the settings .
Any ideas

One of your SIM cards must be set to just 2G in order to allow the other to use 3G/4G.

Set the preferred network type (2G/3G/4G)

There can be only one SIM card connected to a high-speed network type (3G/4G). To define which one:

  1. go to Settings > More > Mobile networks
  2. define, per SIM card, which network type you would like to use
  3. switch a SIM card to a high-speed network type ( 4G (preferred)/3G/2G or 3G (preferred)/2G ), by making sure that the other SIM card is set to operate on 2G only


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Thank you for quick replies, unfortunately I do not get a choice for 2g only 4g or 3g for both sims. Set EE 4g
Set Giff gaff 3g
Any more ideas ?

Have you tried if you can “lower” a SIM to 2G if the other SIM is not in the phone?

No 4g or 3g only :frowning:

Well that’s a pitty. FP2 can only give one SIM card high-speed access. It does not matter which SIM slot as both are technical equal. But one card need to be set to 2G for phoning while the other may be set to 4G (automatically switching between 2G-4G as available and needed).

So if none of your cards allow you to enable 2G I’m afraid you don’t have the full benefit of the dual SIM feature.

On the other hand you wrote:

So you did have the 2G network operational at some point with both cards enabled?

Maybe reading through this thread may reveal some useful information.

IIRC someone in this forum once described how to properly set up the dual-SIM functionality, but I couldn’t find the thread. Maybe a moderator has a quick find on this.

Yes , get edge is that 2g or 3g

The way I understand the wiki to EDGE and the attached schematic I would say it is finally still 2G as 3G starts at least with UMTS.

Anyway I believe that the FP2 software won’t allow any other network combination for dual-SIM than 2G + any other for the second card.
You may keep both on 2G, generally that’s possible (there is some switching going on then as the FP2 is designed as DSDS (dual SIM - dual standby, which means only one card/carrier at a time can utilize the discrete modem hardware).

But as there is only one discrete transceiver installed as well, not both cards can be set up for a higher data speed connection, which starts with 3G. As a data link usually is permanent not both cards can occupy the transceiver hardware.
Actually I am not aware if there are phones that can have both cards set to 3G or higher simultaneously.

For phoning via 2G that’s possible, but not very common. These are then DSDA (dual sim - dual active mobiles). Two individual calls at the same time.

Only work around I have found , remove second SIM. Switch on , check 4g ok , then shutdown add second SIM. Lasts for around 24hours, then loses 4g goes to 2g …

This almost sounds like a bug that was in 18.09.1 and fixed in 19.02.1 … but you said you were using the latest OS version.

Yes , running 19.02.1 , :frowning:

Work around shutdown phone remove 2nd SIM card. Switch on…4g . Shutdown add 2nd SIM…all well until it changes. To 2g sometime in the next 48hours. Then repeat to fix problem

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Happy ending , I have 2sims working now. Originally I had EE and gift gaff (work) . EE ran the mobile data.
Now I have moved my personal number to gift gaff and wow FP2 happy no dropping to 2,g and no rebooting… The solution for me was have the same provider


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