FP2 dropping calls

Hi, thank you!
Ticket number #111532. I just need heads-up wether this is fixable or what to do.

Unfortunately we are going to need to replace the device, we believe the antenna has a production issue. I have just sent you the proper instructions. Have a good weekend!

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Thank you. I’ll follow the instructions. Have a nice weekend too!

Hallo schnolek, I have also the problem, that my FP2 doesn’t connect. after a certain time there are coming sms, that I had lost some calls. I wanted to try to fix it myself, but I can’t find the antenna plate wether the antenna itself. would it be possible to show me a picture, on which I can see it? thank you very much!

Hi Karin, sorry for the late answer. It is the large plate at the left bottom of this picture:
I had to bend it upwards to see the connector. Not sure if it can be detached. Best regards

noot moderator: don’t do this as Sietse writes two messages below this one

I have had the same problems constantly for over two months… I contacted the support. Here’s their answer I got today which doesn’t help (I had obviously tried that already) :
“Can you maybe try this solution:
Somehow the SIM cards loses
connection to the operator network. An exact cause we cannot point out,
but there is a solution for this.
You can solve this by going to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Network Operators.
Here click on Search Networks. After this click on your own network. Now this is manually set and it should not change anymore.
If you go to other countries often you could now also put it back to choose automatically.
If you use 2 SIM cards be sure to repeat this for the second SIM card as well.”

Maybe it’ll help someone but it was no use to me. I’ll contact them again…and let you know !!!


Please never to bend these kind of plates in the smartphone. If you do so you void the warranty as with this you can damage the motherboard.
And even more really do not recommend other customers to do so, because it will also void their warranty.

Hi Abell, don’t worry, I had exactly the same problem and was so frustrated for the last three months but it came to an end after contacting the official Fairphone support. Here’s their second answer (after a first obvious solution I had already tried) :
"This is indeed a known issue, the antenna cable seems to be loose, if you are a bit handy
or know somebody that is handy, you can fix it yourself:

If not, we’ll have to swap your phone for a new one.
Let me know what you prefer."

I’m not particularly handy with electronics so I got my son to do it with the right tools (he is able to take a computer apart and put it back together). He couldn’t see anything loose but he took it apart, checked it, put it back together and since then I’m REALLY glad to say : IT WORKS PERFECTLY FINE AGAIN. So good luck to you !

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Could you please tell me the size of the screwdriver? Or maybe @Bernhard_Schmidt Because my phone also drops calls… So I can get me a tool tonight. Therefore an answer today would really help me. Thanks in advance!

Hi, you need a Torq 5 (T5) scewdriver.

Good luck!


Again: if you open the motherboard on the core module you void warranty. If something else gets damaged we cannot replace the core module in warranty anymore.
As such this is on your own risk.

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Well in that case, can you @Sietse explain why the support team advised me to do just that (or send it back) without telling me it could void warranty ? I’m glad it worked ! I have all their messages in stock if necessary…

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@Carlottebou could you please give me the name of the Fairphone Customer Support employee who told you that this was okay to do. All support employees should know that this is not support and can void the warranty and if there is someone who doesn’t I will need to explain it.

You can send me a PM about this.

Thanks in advance.

Then, if I wouldn’t like to void warranty by opening the motherboard on the core module; how can I fix the problem of breaking my phone calls?

If you think you have a hardware problem, contact support! If they can’t help you (e.g. because it is a hardware issue) you will most likely get a replacement under warranty.

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This pretty much describes my problem as well.
Proximity sensor works, the screen blackens during the call, and still … they can’t hear me anymore after a minute or so. :angry:

So your phone does not drop calls but you can’t be heard? Have a look at this thread, maybe you find some helping answers:

Do calls on the speaker work properly? Then you might have an issue with your bottom module.

See also:

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Thank you, but not exactly. My microphone works for a minute or so and then the other person cannot hear me anymore. While the call is still active.

As I asked above: does this also happen when you put the call on the speaker?

It can be a problem with the proximity sensor. If the display is not off during the call, that can be the problem.
Have you installed latest Firmware and run Proximity Sensor calibration?