FP2 doesn't turn on anymore

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I have an issue with my FairPhone 2 which is nearly 4 years old.
Since a couple days, it won’t charge at all, althought i’ve bought a new battery and bottom module.

When I dismounted it, I noticed on the top bottom and the camera module a red flush, and some phone reparator told me it was oxydation due to humidiy.

I was wondering if it was possible that the phone won’t turn on because of this ?
Like, if I change the pieces that are oxydated will it solve my problem ? Because to me it’s not a battery a charger issue.

The only intel I have from the phone is when I charge it with battery nothing happens, and then I charge it without the battery a red light appears, it’s continuous and after some time it disappears.

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If the phone shows signs of oxidation due to humidty, my bet would be, that this is not limited to the obvious signs you mentioned. Most likely there will be oxidation in other - more hidden - places as well.
You could try taking the phone apart completely and clean it thoroughly using alcohol.

You will find more info on the internet, like:

or a list with more infos (regard the “don’t use rice” topic!)

or this one:

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Yes, this is possible.

Maybe, maybe not.
If the phone somehow got humid or wet inside, anything could be broken.
I’d suggest to continue with the #waterwiki.

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