FP2 doesn't charge/doesn't switch on anymore

Hi guys,
since a few days my FP2 doesn’t start anymore. I happened before couple of times that during navigation with Google Maps it switched off without any notice. Anyway I was able to switch it on again after a few minutes.

Now it is off and it is not possible to start anymore. Furthermore when I want to charge it, this doesn’t work as well. The LED is not on, nothing. Funny thing: Taking off the batterie, connect it with the charging cable the LED blinks for a few minutes but then switching off again.

Nothing more…Please help!


This is normal behavior.

If the same does not happen when the battery is inside that would mean the battery is dead.

Hi! If the battery is inside and connecting to the charging cable, nothing happens, no LED…

The battery can be dead within such a short time? I didn’t expericence any problems with battery power etc. before.

Maybe let the battery cool down for a while or even give it in the fridge for a few minutes and then try again. If there is still not at least a blinking red LED then the battery must be dead.

I’m trying since a few days so the battery is definitely not too hot. Alright, I try to get a new battery. Should be warranty I guess. It’s now exactly one year that I got the phone

Then contact Support asap if you didn’t already. The moment you first contact them for a certain issue counts for warranty claims and for the battery you have exactly 1 year warranty.

I did. Let’s see what will happen. Anyway I ordered a new battery because I cannot wait too long without a working phone.

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If you get a replacement battery for free you could sell it in the #market or give it to a local #fairphoneangels group.

Yes, there were very few (countable) cases of battery failure after short time.

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So it’s not the battery. FP said it would be the core module. So I need to send it back…

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