FP2 does not response. Even with change of battery

My phone suddenly switched off (black screen) this morning while I was using it. I thought it ran out of battery, but when I tried to charge it, the phone keeps turning on and off (when plug in) and the screen stays stuck on the black and white ‘FAIRPHONE’ screen. I left it on charge for couple of hours, but nothing changed.

I have tried multiple charging wires and adaptors. I couldn’t even ‘hard reset’ the phone.
I also have a spare battery (fairphone), I tried it and it did not change anything.
and it is plugged in, the red light on the top corner that blinks, as is the battery is empty (for both batteries)

I really need my phone for work. Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot!

Try the battery reset as described in the #batteryguide. If that doesn’t help you may suffer from a hardware defect - probably the bottom module.

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