FP2 display contact issue

Hi there!
I recently asked about a display issue which finally was related with a problem with the connection between the display module and the FP2 itself.
It is solvable by applying pressure to the contact point. But after a month, I came to know that is its something very variable. I guess that conditions of humidity, heat, case, etc. kind of change the point, the amount and duration of pressure required to get the display working.
Sometimes it is easy: apply some pressure, then stop applying it and it works for a while. Sometimes is hard: apply pressure firmly all the time you want it to be working, try at different points, etc.

So it is too unreliable to be useful. When someone calls, I start doing pressure to see if I can pick up, missing calls, time, etc. I don’t know if anyone has any idea further than applying pressure. I tried cleaning the contacts first, but that never worked.

I’s a shame, as it’s a 400€ phone that lasted just 1 year more than my wife’s 100€ phone (5 vs 4 years). If I cannot repair it, it’s a more expensive and in the end the same electronic waste (even more, as I ordered for new components). I cannot even buy the FP2 main matrix although it’d be a huge replacement. I exhaust of arguments here for recommending FP, to my dismay.

Please, any recommendations?
Thanks a lot!

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