FP2 Display colors appear somwhow weak

Hi there,

after switching from a galaxy s4 to FP2 I’m a litte disappointed with the display colors. The seem somehow weak and pale compared to the samsung device. Maybe it’s just me. Anyone else had a similar impression compared to other phones?

Its just you, Samsung use amoled screens that are known for ridiculously high color saturation and high contrast, when switching to a normal color saturation it can be weird! ( but talking about color fidelity, the fp2 screen can be better)

It’s like when you switch from bad headphones that have to much bass to better headphones or when you switch from your mom’s over-salted meals to healthy well-seasoned food. At first you’ll think the headphones have to little bass and the food tastes dull, but you’ll soon get used to the more realistic sound, the more natural flavors and FP2’s more life-like colors. :slightly_smiling:

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Make sure that you have got the red green color correction option in the settings right, that is what made a friend of mine freak out :wink:

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