FP2: Custom ringtone gets reset after reboot

Hi there!

I have an MP3 (either from the internal SD card or the external SD card). But after a restart of my phone the setting gets reset to the default ringtone.

Anyone else with this problem? (If so, this might be a bug).

This issue has already been reported and discussed:

Does any of the advices there solve your problem?

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I will try it. Found that topic, but further down someone replied that the ringtone was reset after reboot. So I gathered that this wouldn’t solve the problem. I’ll try and let you know.

Alright… Using RingDroid the problem is solved.

I have set my alarm to a specific ringtone.
Every time I reboot or power off the phone I have to set the ringtone for the alarm again.
It 's getting anyoning to set the ringtone over and over again.

Is your sound file on the external SD card? I think that if you copy it to the corresponding folder on your internal storage it should work.

No, it in the internal storage and it’s an AMR file.
On my Fairphone 1 I never had this problem.
It has nothing to do with the connection to the computer through usb.

Finally with the help of @paulakreuzer it’s solved.
In the app Ringdroid by F-Droid the ringtone was available as an M4A file.
And that solves the problem.
Hip hip hooray for @paulakreuzer and this forum.:clap: