FP2 crashes with 4G

I’ve read this thread: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-fairphone-os-android-6/issue/86

I have installed 18.02.
I do not have a Facebook app, nor the AIX Weather App.

And yet, my phone crashes about once per half hour (or more often) when I have 4G on. Because of this I have been using 3G for a more than a year now, but it is getting really annoying, since the speed difference and because coverage of 4g should be better.

Is the fact that the bug is marked ‘accepted’ indicating that nothing can or will be done about it?

“Accepted” means that FP acknowledges that it’s a bug that they should fix.

PS: Once they have a fix the status will change to “Planned” and if the fix is being released and really works it will change to “Fixed”.


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