FP2 crashes and restart

So I finally decided to make a post as I cannot seem to find a solution on this forum or elsewhere.

Issue: my FP2 will just suddenly restart. it happens about once every 1-2 days but can be more (yesterday 4 times) or less (last week no restart during 4 days). This has happened since I have received the phone 6 month ago and I still have not been able to identify any common pattern: it happened across all the different OS versions, seemingly independently of the apps running (I un-installed all), the level of battery or whatever…

This is annoying enough but since my phone is encrypted I only have a 10sec windows to type in my password when it has restarted, otherwise I have to manually restart it again.

I have Fairphone OS 1.5.1 encrypted (maybe this is related?)

Any clue where I should look next?

Please have a look at this:

I don’t think so. I always had mine encrypted as well, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Thanks for the answer. I will try disabling the 4g and removing the SIM card and see what happen, even if the idea of having a non-functional phone for a few days is not very appealing.

switch location service to off !

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