FP2 Cover Indigo - for free

Hello there,

I have a spare Fairphone 2 cover - color indigo (dark purple) left over and would like to give it away to anyone that could use it. Free of charge, only mail costs to be covered. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I hope I can make someone happy with my unused item!

Cheers, Seline


Hi there!
I would be interested in the Cover. Mine is a little broken and a new one would make me quite happy since I plan using my fairphone 2 for a long time.

Do you have the black frame to attach the cover too? Or is it ‘just’ the indigo cover.

I live in Austria. Do you know how much shipping would roughly be?

All the best,

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Hi, do you still have the cover? I live in Utrecht and my cover is a bit broken, had quite some problems with my FP2 lately, hoping that it is due to the broken cover and a new one would work better. (looks like the battery loses connection)

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