FP2 : Corrupted SD card : how to recover


Here is my problem: My SD card seem to have been unrecognized twice. The first time few month ago, I took me time to notice, a new partition seem to have been created. The second time, after the Androïd update. My existing documents (personnal photos and vidéos) of both time periods are unreacheable, and I can’t install applications anymore.

Is there a solution to recover prévious partitions on a FP2 partition? Would it be on PC or fairphone.

Is it formatted as internal storage?

At all?

SD cards formatted as internal storage are unfortunately a bad idea…
See the #sdcardguide for more details.


It is formatted as internal storage yes.

For every app I try to install, I get the message “insufficent storage space”

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Could you show a screenshot of what is displayed in Settings→Storage?

In any case, I think the data is probably lost… Might be a solution, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Screen shots don’t work neither, same raison “limited storage space”.

I have 13.11 Go allocated on 32Go on the shared storage, and 7.33Go used (or 6.08 if I look into details) of 128Go for the new SD card storage.

There are some PC tools to recover data from corrupted SD cards. I’ve successfully used photorec (available for Linux, Windows and Apple computers) a number of times to save data off otherwise unreadable cards.

No telling how well that will work if part of the card is set as internal phone storage, but these kinds of data recovery tools are pretty good at pulling data out of broken filesystems, so it’s worth a shot. Pull the data out of the card and then reformat it to be usable again, then transfer the data back to the card.