FP2 connection problem with computer

Since I’ve updated my FP2 to Android Nougat 7. I can’t connect my phone to the computer. With Android 6 it was no problem…
(I haven’t the open op. system)


I assume you have the ADB drivers installed. (https://adb.clockworkmod.com)

However, there might be a bug which I also had to deal with when it came to connecting my FP2 to a computer. Basically, there’s a workaround, plug in the phone via USB, then go to your phones settings, under “System”, click on “Developer Settings”, scroll down to “Android Debugging” and tap it twice. This should be the trick so your computer recognizes the phone. (If you don’t see “Developer Settings”, go to “System” > “About Phone”, scroll down a bit an click a few times onto “Build Number” until it says that you are now a developer.)

Also make sure that you choose the MTP mode when connecting the phone, you should see a little icon on the top toolbar pop up where you can do that.

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Thank you very much for your help😉

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