FP2: Compiling a blob-free variant of Fairphone OS

I think so. The easiest way would be a little server at FP that just offers “secure” builds. If you compress them with LZMA/LZMA2 (“xz”) all images together are only around ~216 MB. I don’t think that there’s a secret google NDA out there that forbids FP to share a 2nd free’ed image, so I guess all it needs is some more time and a reliable build/bug tracker system on the FP side.

But I think their biggest fear right now is to get too much work by providing all these different images. They just don’t have the manpower to do all this (4-5 people + some help in China and maybe Qualcomm). Currently they are busy enough fixing the existing Google FP2 images.

But I fear nothing else will work, due to the pretty stupid license.

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