FP2 cases for sale

Deciding that it is the end of the road for my FP2 as it needs a new core module, I am selling off the other parts either individually or as a whole.

  • Slim Turquoise case - used and show signs of wear, some chips in black top part, small crack in corner of bottom part
  • Old style blue translucent case - hardly used
  • Camera module 12MP - 3 years old but no problems
  • A battery
  • Might even have an old style black translucent case somewhere
  • Display module - Brand New, has been fitted but not used as core module went down.
  • Top module - 3 years old but had no problems
  • Bottom module - 3 years old but no problems

I am in the UK but happy to ship wherever

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Hi! I’d be really interested in the display! Will pm you.

Best wishes

Hi Wedney,

What’s the MP of the top module camera?

Hi, the camera is 12MP

Would you be interested in donating the defective core module to your local Fairphone Angels? There’s a couple of them in the UK, some of whom may have some uses for the various bits of the module - or they may even be able to repair it and help someone with a broken phone.

Hi, possibly if I can get it to work long enough to do a reset, I will try

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I have managed to do a factory reset so if someone wants to send me the address of a UK fairphone angel I am happy to send the core module

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That’s great; I’ve sent them a message, I’m sure you’ll hear from one of them soon.

Hi, I’m interested in the bottom module, as my USB is getting shaky and won’t charge reliably any longer.

If you find the black case, I’d take that as well.

I’m in Germany, and would prefer bank transfer (otherwise, I could arrange Paypal with somebody else).

Hi, I’m interested in the bottom module if still available? I realise virtualnobi contacted you first :slight_smile: Possibly interested in the blue translucent case too! I’m UK based. Will send you a message. Thanks

Hi Wedney, sorry for the later reply. The information you provided is for the rear camera. I asked about the selfie camera. I’m looking for a 5 MP front camera in the top module. Thanks

Sorry Julzar, yes it is 5MP

That’s alright @Wedney. I’m interested in the top module then! How much would you like to receive for it incl shipping? I live in The Netherlands.

Hi Wedney, how much for one of the cases? With mine the flexible rim has totally come undone and saggy.

Hi @wedney I wondered if the camera module is still available and working. If so I’d like to buy it from you, if you ship to Germandy?

I am not interested in buying, but maybe you could edit your opening post to show which parts have been sold already.
To mark the sold articles, you cann format them striked through
You just have to enclose the text you want striked through < s> like this < /s>; just without the space after the “<”.
So everyone can see what’s available and what’s gone already. :grinning:

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Hi Rick yes I do still have the camera module and am happy to ship to Germany, please message me if interested

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Hi I’m really interested by the FP2 camera module, if it’s still available :slight_smile:

Hi, how old is the battery and how much do you want for it?
I would also be interested in the 12MP camera module, but I understand others have asked for it already.
I am in the UK.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I am interested in the Camera module 12MP, the battery and the old style black translucent case. However mostly in the camera module! Living in the netherlands.

Is it still available?