FP2 camera modules differences

I would like to know whether there are a lot of differences between the 12 MP and the 8 MP camera modules, apart from the resolution.
I have a 12 MP module, but I set my camera to shoot in 8 MP and 720p, because I don’t need high quality photos, so if I use a 8 MP module, will it change anything?
Is there any difference other than resolution, IDK, focus, or light sensitivity?
I know in the past 12 MP would cause crashes because of a different driver I think (I’m not sure I perfectly understood though).

This topic has already been discussed, but I didn’t find my answers (nor did I really have the courage to search all the old topics), and I have specific questions.

Thanks in advance for any answer!

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When the 12 MP module was introduced, one feature that was also emphasized was dual flash (I cannot really explain the advantage of this either :angel: ).


Usually the first flash - before the picture is taken - is meant to reduce the red-eye effect. When it’s dark and the pupil is wide open, the flash leads to the pupil closing, thus less reflection from the eye background and less red-eye effect.
Another reason for the first flash could be to enable autofocus; though I doubt this to be the case for a smartphone camera.


The 12MP camera works better in low-light conditions.

@urs_lesse dual flash means there are two LEDs. The old camera can also be made to flash twice, but with the same LED. Do you mean the camera uses a different LED on the first flash?

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I just quoted to the 12 MP module’s product description.

The 2 LED are not really obvious at first glance.
No idea, how the dual flash is working then, but from the picture, they seem to have different light colors, so maybe the first flash is indeed done by a different LED, that is less glaring.

But there are more differences between the 8MP and 12MP modules:
8MP / 12MP (links to the modules pages)

  • Image sensor size: 1/3.2 inch / 1/2.8 inch ( 0,8 cm / 0,9 cm)
  • Pixel size: 1.4μm x 1.4μm / 1.25μm x 1.25μm
  • Aperture: f 2.8 / f 2.2

So the 12MP camera should be a bit better in low light and sharper.


I am really happy with my FP 2 since I switched to the /e/ operating system. The only thing I miss is now a really good camera. I was also wondering if the 12 MP camera is really better than the 8 MP.

Is the camera module open sourced? Could I print it and replace it with another image sensor, e.g. 24 MP?

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AFAIK, no. As said elsewhere in cynical way, “Fairphone is Fair, not OpenHardware.”

@others, thanks for your answers, much appreciated :blush:

As far as I know:
You always would have to face the problem, that the new module/sensor would not be recognized by the OS. Even switching the modules from the shop was - at least in the beginning - not just take 8MP out, put 12MP in and that’s it.
The software has to be programmed. And that most likely requires in-depth knowledge / access to the rest of the OS.

So, even if the hardware would be open access (you would have to do the soldering of course) and the pins of the sensors would match, you only have gone half the way.

Well, that’s at least my perception; and I would be glad to be corrected, if I am misleading with my statement.


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