FP2 Camera module makes click-noise when turned off


I was wondering about the click-noise which appears while turning the flashlight off with the icon in the pull-down-menu. It’s not loud though, but in a quiet environment near the camera good to hear.
First I thought this would be a noise from the camera-flash, but yesterday I’ve found out, that this also appears by closing the camera-app. It looks like this is a general noise when the camera-module is turned off, and it sounds like the power to the module is interrupted.
However, I was wondering if this is good for the module or if it may shorten the durability of the camera-module.

Maybe this appears just on my FP2, maybe there is someone out there who could check this? :smile:


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The clicking noise also appears on my FP2, when the camera or flashlight is turned off. It depends how the phone’s position is. So it is there when the screen looks up. When the screen looks down, it does not appear.

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Lol. :joy: Thanks for testing. :+1:

Same here. I think it is a normal behaviour with some cameras, I’m sure I’ve heard it in others non-FP phones. Not my former Nexus 4, though.


I had it also with the FP1 so it seems a normal behavior :slight_smile:

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