FP2 camera brightness

Hi, recently my 8MP camera on my FP2 is producing too bright, overexeposed images and , strangely, too dark images when in the selfie mode. Is there anything I can do about this myself or will I need to have to buy a new 8MP camera module and if I do, are camera modules still available for the FP2

Which system in which Version have you installed? There are some bugs since the Android 9 upgrade, so far could be “fixed” by using the App Open Camera


I have installed the Android 9 update. Could the upgrade have caused the change in the camera then ?
Do I just download the camera open app ?

If the problem has started at the same time then yes. So it’s a good idea to verify if it’s SW or HW causing is by trying it out with the Open Camer app.

I’d recommend to install it via F-Droid (Open Camera | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository).
But you might also download it from Google Play store.


O.K. I’ve installed the open camera app and will see over the next few days whether that works. Thanks

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Yes, the open camera app is an improvement - no overexposure on front view and definitely an improvement with no darkening in selfie mode. So I shall use open camera app from now on and you have saved me having to buy a new camera module / new camera. Thanks again Volker and Yvonne !


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