FP2 Camera App - back to FP1?


Have been using the FP2 for a couple of weeks now. Apart from some minor issues (other posts) I was wondering why FP changed the FP1-camera with a newer version. I liked the older version better, because it allowed quick photo-editting (curves, contrast, …) New camera does not, it seems. So, the question is: is there another camera available or is it possible to get the older, FP1?


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I assume you are talking about the camera Apps not about using the FP1 camera as a module for the FP2 (Which is not possible).

If I’m correct please continue here:

Hey Paul,
Well, actually I was referring to what you call ‘the impossible’ … :slight_smile:… So, yes, I wish there was an app that would bundle the FP1 camera features with the FP2 version. Apart from that, I am happy FP-user, first generation and proud of it (in case you guys might have a doubt) …

You didn’t understand me correctly. I was trying to distinct between hardware and software. Since you are talking about an app = software, the topic I posted above is the right place for further questions.