FP2 bottom module (UK)

My microphone has stopped working, which means that my fairphone 2 no longer functions as a phone. I’ve had it for three years and had hoped it would last longer than that - it’s one of the reasons I bought it, to avoid the endless cycle of buying new things. Anyway, I tried the troubleshooter and removed the bottom module in case it was a connection issue, but it made no difference. It’s out of warranty so support say " Most likely, the issue can be resolved by replacing the bottom module. As we ourselves no longer sell the bottom module, we recommend checking out the [Market section] of our Community Forum". So, here I am, though looking at others’ posts, I’m not that hopeful, as they seem to be in short supply. Alternatively, if anyone knows of any repair options in or around London, UK… I had a quick search here, but didn’t come up with anything, but I may be missing it. Thanks

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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First i wonder if you have thought of using a headphones with mic so you can continue using the phone.

Second is the option of repair, either via a friend/shop or DIY

Will add links

More info in the following topic

thanks, the headphones with mic workaround is a good one, might give that a go - appreciate your time

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