FP2 Bottom module replacement


I’m looking for a FP2 bottom module.
I wrote to Fairphone Support but didn’t get any answer…
Any solutions here ?

Unluckily, no solutions…
The only might be to ask a local #fairphoneangel if there are some locally available in your region. In my case, that helped.
Good luck!


There is an official option mentioned at the end of the spare part text here, but I already want to warn you that the tocal cost of this is probably 75 Euros.

Thank you, I saw this already …
75 € for a module that costs 25€ is what I call a robbery !
In general, we inted to buy Faiphone because it’s supposed to last and that pieces are supposely replacable, but now that I have my first problem with my FP2 there is no solution, and no support from the company.
Conclusion : the whole Faiphone thing is a scam in itself.

Thanks I will try that
And if not I’ll go back to some shitty unecological non durable phone …
What a drag, I’m so disapointed.

Well… the FP2 is from 2015. If I understand right, they were surprised by their own success. And didn’t order enough spare parts at the time. Now you can’t produce them anymore, that would be way too expensive. Thankfully the Fairphone found the solution, to let repair bottom modules of FP2 which are sent in. It’s already a great service - I don’t think any other company offers that. Sure, it’s expensive. Like it’s more expensive to let your shoes repair than to buy a pair of “shitty” sneaker made in China.
Repairability costs its price, that why nobody wants to offer it anymore in today’s world, where manpower is more expensive than resources.
I personally found a fairphoneangel which had a spare module for me. So try that before everything else. Then let’s see.


If success is the bottom module breaking so often they would run out much sooner than expected and couldn’t get them produced anymore in any feasible manner.

The communication regarding the matter was partly odd, too, which still can be seen here … End of sales FP2 bottom module

It’s certainly not everybody’s favourite episode in the life of the Fairphone 2.


Thanks for the clarification!

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