FP2 bottom module needed (NL)

Same here: I am also looking for a bottom module for the FP2. Shipping would be to the Netherlands.
Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, I bought a refurbished FP2 because the main module was done and it was more expensive to fix it than buy a new one, according to the answer from Fairphone. Anyway, it means that i have a FP2 with all module working but not the main board. So I can sell you a bottom module if you still need it for 20€, shipping fees for me (I’m from Belgium).
Let me know.

I am also looking for a bottom module for FP2. I live in Brussels.
Feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Dear Robin,
Just checking: is this a personal message or a reply to the thread?
I’d be pleased to receive the bottom module.
Thanks in advance, Erwin

Dear Robin,
I’d be pleased to receive your bottom module. Would you please be so kind to send me your payment details, which I’ll then reply with my address details?
Thanks a million, Erwin

If you want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Have a read here to see how you can become a basic user.

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Hi Erwin,
Sorry but someone alreafy bought it.
Good luck.

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