FP2 bluetooth audio control via Pebble smartwatch does not work anymore


Since the last update (I guess) I have serious trouble with starting and pausing my audiobooks. I use “Smart Audiobook Player” and a Pebble Time Steel.

Just after the update it worked fine (like all the months before), but after installing 7.1.2 (or March update) it went worse.

I can’t remeber when it failed completely. On some days it worked, on other days it did not. Since weeks now it stays at “does not work”.

The only reaction I get, when I pause or start is, that an app comes up. Sometimes the youtube player, on other occasions the chrome browser.

I’m not sure if that is a problem from the player, or the OS. Only my Pebble got no update since over 8 months.

I would like to debug that problem, but I don’t know how. Is there an app, which shows all the bluetooth messages going in or out?