FP2 Black screen + ticking sound / won't boot

Yesterday my phone was charging and i noticed a weird clicking / ticking noise coming from it. I tried to turn it on, there was the usual little vibration but then the screen remained black.
I tried another charger. It changed nothing. The screen is brand new. Any ideas ?

I tried with an old screen that had the left side dead. And now it only dispays snow !

I have seen this result with a corrupt OS but as “Fastboot mode” was recognised by computer without any screen recognition software could then be re-installed: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/dictionary-entry-fastboot/27050

With my phone the colourful pixel snow display was rooted in a broken display (from dropping the phone).
But no clicking/ticking sound, therefore I guess it’s a different problem for you.

Try the troubleshooting tool, if you haven’t done so already.
And then #contactsupport

As an added possibility, you could try to reach one of the #fairphoneangels (if someone is nearby) or try to locate a so called “heaven” on the #communitymap.
Those guys and girls are oftentimes really helpful and always nice to meet (judging by other forum posts. :wink: )

The only weird clicking/ticking noise that I know in a startup context, is the one that you get if you don’t enter the encryption password within a certain amount of time when the phone is starting. From the original description I got the idea that this noise was there before the restart, but of course the phone could have restarted itself before the noise was noticed.

Thanks guys ! Support offered me to send back my phone for repair.

A friend also offered me to install my fp2 motherboard inside his phone to try to save my data. Any ideas on that front ?

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Swapping modules with a friend seems like a good idea.
I am not sure, if I really would start with the core module or the display and checking all other modules on the way.

Something I really have no idea about is, if a broken core-module might be killing the display (short-circuit) and I guess you would not want that to happen to your friend. It’s just an idea, that crossed my mind, as both your displays seem to be broken. And the colourful pixels in my case were really a sign that the display was done for.

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