FP2 Black screen after calling

hello My screen become black after calling and it is impossible to cut off the call.
I tryed the maintenence of proximity sensor but it always fail. what should I do ??

What do you mean it fails? Does it display an error message?

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It may be the proximity sensor issue. Has the phone had software updates in the last while because that is fixed. Try cleaning the area around the proximity sensor and making a call to see if the issue persists. It is on the top left of the screen to the right of the light.

i have the same issue, and it was not fixed by the last update 18.04.1
screen turns black upon calling. calling works but i can’t end a call. also, the switch-off button doesn’t work anymore and the screen is completely unresponsive. i have to take out the battery and reboot. this works and is not a real nuisance since i make phone calls ~5x per month.

I mean that on the display appear a message telling that something is fine wrong.

I’m not sure I understand. Maybe it would be better if you wrote in your mother tongue. There are many helpful people who can speak all kinds of languages here on the forum.

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A little help/workaround:
activate in: Settings/ Accessibility/ Power button end call
I hope that at least this you in ending the calls

I also know how it feels to be looked into a mobilbox…

Furthermore: maybe you can test your proximity sensor with apps like this one

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